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Hormonal Disorders


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Best Endocrinologist & Hormone specialist in delhi

You will come across the name of Dr. Anirban Biswas- MD , when you search for the best endocrinologist near me . Dr Anirban is an experienced Endocrinologist in delhi. His patients appreciate the warmth, professional integrity, and open communication that defines over 18 years of his endocrinology practice. He is determined to help his patients understand their own health so they can be well informed when making important health decisions.

Many people suffer from hormone imbalances, which can result in a variety of issues. For instance, low testosterone in males can cause sexual problems like erectile dysfunction. Similarly, women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) were more likely to have lower levels of progesterone during the luteal phase,  causing infertility. They also have higher levels of testosterone which caused hormonal problems, such as excessive facial hair and acne.

Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is the most common treatment for these conditions; apart from natural remedies such as specific dietary regimens, lifestyle changes, and herbal supplements. This article will help you to find the best hormone specialist in Delhi if you're looking for the best endocrinologist.


The body has many over 50 different glands that produce and secrete hormones. These glands work together to help control and regulate everything from mood to digestion to blood pressure. You can understand how complex these hormonal treatments can be. For 18+ years, our best endocrinologist in delhi has been dedicated to providing the highest quality medical care with human touch not only in Delhi/NCR but all over India and the world.  If you’re looking for personal attention from an endocrinologist doctor whose main priority is your health and well-being, you’ll be in good hands.

Anirban Biswas clinic for Diabetes (ABCD) offers a comprehensive diagnostic and management of hormonal imbalances and also a wide range of issues touching the endocrine glands. One of the best endocrinology clinic in delhi it specializes in treating hormonal disorders including diabetes, PCOS, infertility, hairfall, obesity, acne, hirsutism, irregular periods, osteoporosis, menopause, and thyroid problems. As a practicing Endocrinologist, he has done extensive research work and have written a variety of medical articles that have been published in well-renowned journals, magazines, and newspapers. His publications are meant to help doctors, medical students, and the general public to better understand health care delivery. Read his blog to know more about his holistic treatment practice.

 At his hormone clinic in CR Park, located in south Delhi, Dr. Anirban Biswas - MD, one of the best endocrinologist & hormone specialist in Delhi devotes his full attention to every patient, taking time to speak concerning their symptoms and make a case for their diagnosing. His simple method of explaining all the queries & concerns of his patients suffering from hormonal disorders has made him very popular in Delhi /NCR.

Endocrine disorders are often associated with other potentially dangerous health conditions. Remember, hormone specialists, are professionals who specialize in the field of endocrinology dealing with hormones. They are trained to treat complex hormone-related health problems, particularly those related to reproductive issues, infertility, and menstrual disorders. Our patients receive the best Endocrinologist services in delhi as we have a highly qualified Endocrinologist and staff. To learn more: call/SMS/Whatsapp at 9313315383

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What are hormones?


Hormones are chemical messengers that are released in one part of the body and travel to another part where they cause an effect. These chemicals travel through the bloodstream to different parts of the body and control other cell functions. Hormones control many aspects of human life, including growth, mood, tissue repair, reproduction, metabolism, hunger and thirst, response to stress. Hormones are secreted by endocrine glands in the body with the exception of sex hormones which are produced by the gonads.


What are the types of hormones?

Hormones are of 3 kinds -

Endocrine hormones -- are secreted or synthesized in one type of hormone-secreting tissue, and act on hormone glands or target endocrine cells throughout the body.

Paracrine Hormones -- act locally, often very close to the cell it affects. They include gastrins, insulin growth factors, and interleukins.

Autocrine Hormones -- are produced by cells that act on the same cells that secrete them.


Other than that there are Neuroendocrine Hormones - which are produced at one part of the nervous system and acts on cells of the nervous system such as the neurons of the brain.


What are important endocrine hormones?


The endocrine system is a collection of glands that produce hormones that act on tissues in specific parts of the body. Examples include the thyroid gland, which produces thyroxine (T4) and triiodothyronine (T3), and the pituitary gland, which produces growth hormone. Other important endocrine hormones include insulin and cortisol.


What are sex hormones?


Sex hormones are a group of endocrine hormones that control the reproductive systems and sexual characteristics in humans. The major male sex hormone is testosterone, and the female sex hormones include estrogen and progesterone. Specifically, these hormones regulate the development of primary and secondary sexual characteristics such as genitals, breast tissue, and muscles, but also control behavioral functions such as sex drive and reproduction.




What is cortisol?

Cortisol( produced by the adrenal cortex) is a glucocorticoid hormone. Also known as the "stress" hormone It increases stamina, aids in the metabolism of fat, regulation of blood pressure and blood glucose levels, appetite, muscle mass, and immune response of our body.


What is growth hormone?

Growth hormone (also known as somatotropin, produced by the anterior pituitary gland) is responsible for growth in children and adolescents. It is involved in the production of insulin-like growth factors, which stimulates the bone cells to produce more cartilage. Growth hormone deficiency is a rare disorder characterized by short stature, overgrowth of the jaw area, and mental retardation. The disorder can be treated with injections of human growth hormone.


what are posterior pituitary hormones?

The posterior pituitary hormones are oxytocin and vasopressin. Oxytocin is released during labor to help with uterine contractions, while vasopressin helps the kidneys conserve water by making the person feel thirsty. These hormones are released when the hypothalamus releases its hormones to the posterior lobe


what is parathyroid hormone?

Parathyroid hormone is released from the parathyroid gland and regulates calcium levels in the blood by increasing the absorption of calcium from food. This hormone also increases the discharge of phosphorus and vitamin D, which are both needed for bone growth and maintenance.



What is hormonal imbalance? Hormone imbalance is a condition where the hormones in the body are not balanced, either because there is too much of one or too little of them.


What can cause hormonal imbalance in the body?

Hormonal imbalance can cause changes in mood and menstrual cycle, as well as weight gain, depression, acne, and sleep disturbance.

Hormonal imbalances are the result of changes in one or more of the three major hormonal groups: estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone.

Hormone imbalance can also cause fertility problems because women become unable to get pregnant.



What are the best treatments for hormonal problems?

Treatment depends on the source and severity of the imbalance. Some treatments are:


- Change diet and avoid foods that are high in fat or sugar.


- Reduce stress and get enough sleep.


- Take medications that may help balance hormone levels as suggested by your hormone specialist doctor

How to deal with hormonal problems if you have them?


If you have hormonal problems, it is best to see a hormone specialist or endocrinologist. One way to deal with hormonal problems is to work with the body's natural cycle by maintaining a balance of physical activity, sleep, and nutrition. After long-term hormone fluctuations, chances are that your hormones will eventually stabilize again. Hormonal changes can also be caused by other medical conditions.



Where should you go if you want to know more information? For more information about hormones and general health, visit the following websites:


The Endocrine Society


The Mayo Clinic


Who is the best hormone specialist in Delhi?


Have you ever had a hormonal problem? Let us know your experience in the comments section below! You will get the expert opinion of one of the best hormone specialist in Delhi, Dr. Anirban Biswas- MD He has vast experience in this sector and can address all your needs during treatment.

His successful track record of near 97% success rate speaks volumes about his skill as a hormone specialist. A hormonal issue is not easy to remedy but you are guaranteed to find your solution with him. For more information on how to book your consultation with him call/WhatsApp at 9313315383.

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